Petit-déjeuner : How can Artificial Intelligence predict the success of your marketing campaign?

Jeudi 21 novembre de 8h30 à 10h00

In this lecture, Manuel Dietrich will show how to identify the success of a marketing campaign in an early stage, and how to predict which methods are available and where the pitfalls might hide.

Objectives of the event :

• Learn basics about Campaign Management with AI
• Introduction into marketing campaign prediction
• Find out how you can benefit from that (how it can be implemented in your marketing strategy)

The wow factors :

• Tips and tricks on how to make your data ready for AI implementation
• Learn how you can predict the success of your marketing campaign with the tools you already have
• Free campaign prediction template for marketers

Manuel is a co-founder of nexoya – a startup with a focus on data analysis & artificial intelligence. With nexoya, he has set the goal of simplifying data-driven marketing decisions and bringing data-driven decisions to people.
Manuel studied at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich and subsequently worked for many years as an entrepreneur in the fields of business applications, software development and integration. Prior to nexoya, Manuel held a leading position in the IT cloud at Swisscom.

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